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I'm having my ears pointed tomorrow, yours are beautiful! any advice on making sure they heal properly?? x
highlighterhead highlighterhead Said:

Um, sure! 

What I did was I purchased a months worth of butterfly bandages (31, plus an extra box in case they need to be changed sooner) in advanced, since you’ll need to put them on your ear to take pressure off of your stitches (I have pictures of my ears with butterfly bandages on them scattered throughout my page).  I also picked up some sterile wound wash at a pharmacy to clean the blood off from around the stitches, but not on the stitched or incision.  Arnica gel can be picked up at most health food stores, and is great for rubbing on the back of the ear to relieve stress on the stretched skin behind your ears.  Cotton swabs are helpful for cleaning off dried blood in your ear, just be sure not to scrub your stitches. It’s not a bad idea to pick these up before hand so you can go home and relax right after the procedure.

If you’re a side sleeper like myself, you’ll want to grab a U pillow to keep your head upright while you sleep for the first few nights.  Some people use hemorrhoid pillows shaped like O so they can sleep on their side, but that isn’t best for the first week because it makes it so there is increased blood flow to one ear in particular, which can cause bleeding and/or uneven swelling.  I found it comfortable to stuff a pillow under my chin as well, so my head was surrounded with pillows and my neck didn’t have to do any work. You might not get much sleep (I couldn’t sleep more than a couple hours for the first 2 nights), so don’t make any strenuous plans, and try to keep physical stress to a minimum while you heal.

Take a good shower before hand, and wash your hair thoroughly, because you wont be able to wash your hair for about 12 days after the procedure (until all your stitches are out is the best time).  I kept my hair pinned back so that I wouldn’t get any hair stuck in the incision.

Other than that, follow the advice of your body modification artist and be super careful not to bump them into anything.  There is surprisingly little aftercare required, it’s best to just keep them clean and out of harms way.  Take it easy while you’re healing and good luck!

I’m happy to answer any more questions you might have, or if you just want someone to talk to through the whole thing :) 

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